Senior Pastor

Born in Jamaica to Adventist parents, Gervon was raised in a home where principles of service for others, love for others, and dedication to God were highly esteemed. He became actively involved as youth choir director, Adventist Youth leader, youth evangelist ,and junior counselor. His integral involvement in evangelism and youth ministry led many to have a saving relationship with Jesus over the years.

After working as a pastor in North Jamaica Conference, he joined Florida Conference where he pastored in Homestead and ministered at Maranatha, Margate, and Palm Springs Churches. He married Peter-gay Yanique Stobbs in December 2015.


Associate Pastor

Kevin, a native of Jamaica, considers himself a lifelong discerner, faithfully seeking to deepen his imagination of God, to grow in God’s grace, and to follow God’s will for his life. As a child, he was shaped by his mother’s work ethic and his grandmother's faith before coming to faith himself.

Kevin’s passion is to nurture God’s people and to proclaim the Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom of God toward the end of reconciling all creation to and in God. He roots his life and ministry in love, mercy, and justice.

Kevin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religion with a concentration in Pastoral Ministry from Northern Caribbean University and a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Theology from Yale University. He is married to Sheriece Bailey.